The farm Spinzo Valley, located in Santa Vittoria d’Alba, is the seat of ‘farm F.lli Rabino. Here, there is the cellar of production and aging, and in the neighboring town of Monticello d’Alba, the guest company, The Cascinetta.
The farm, owned by the Visconti in 1500 was for a long time the prerogative of courts and officials of the ruling houses. In 1800 the Savoy ran the company with vineyards and wineries. The family Rabino in 1907 he became the owner of a part, from which came the current business reality.
The farm valley Spinzo, referred to as a UNICUM documents from nine centuries, justifies his unit for its vineyards arranged in a natural amphitheater, offering its fruits just like the Roero to which it belongs.